MIDDLE SCHOOL (7th & 8th)


Joan Singer 7th Language Arts rwood@dallasisd.org
Lan-Anh Nguyen 7th Math lannguyen@dallasisd.org
Virginia Rainey 7th Social Studies vrainey@dallasisd.org
Sarah Dang 7th Science sdang@dallasisd.org
Aaronda Smith 8th Language Arts aasmith@dallasisd.org
Jill Emery 8th Math jemery@dallasisd.org
Adam Davidson 8th Social Studies jdavidson@dallasisd.org
Lon Cherryholmes 8th Science lcherryholmes@dallasisd.org
Jennifer Whidby Computer Applications jwhidby@dallasisd.org
Linda Tindle Foreign Language ltindle@dallasisd.org
Tamesha Connaughton P.E. tgraves@dallasisd.org
Teri Elliott P.E. teelliott@dallasisd.org
Matt Mazur Art mmazur@dallasisd.org
Vicky Suarez Choir vicsuarez@dallasisd.org
Kiira Russell Orchestra kiirussell@dallasisd.org
Wendy Powell Drama wepowell@dallasisd.org



Teachers often to use their own money and resources to supplement the materials provided by the school district.  Dealey PTA is encouraging our teachers to set up individual teacher wish lists.  The wish lists include items and supplies that will make a difference in their classroom. Parents and other members of the community are encouraged to choose one or more items that they would like to contribute. Regularly check your teacher's list for updates.