Site-Based Decision-Making Committee Recruiting Members

Join Dealey’s Site-Based Decision-Making Committee (SBDM) Today!

Are you ready to shape the future of Dealey and impact your child’s education? Join our Site-Based Decision-Making Committee (SBDM) and be part of a dynamic parent-teacher effort driving positive change!

What does the SBDM do?

Dealey’s SBDM is a collaborative group of parents, teachers, staff, and community members. We work with the Principal to achieve school goals and enhance students’ experiences. There are 5 parent committee members, who are elected by Dealey parents each spring or appointed by the Principal.  See more information at:

How does SBDM differ from the PTA?

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) focuses on fostering communication and cooperation between parents, teachers and staff and providing critical support to the school through fundraising and volunteering. SBDM focuses on advising the Principal on crucial decisions related to academics, safety, and community well-being. We recommend being involved in both to enhance your child’s experience at Dealey.

How to Get Involved?

  • Join our public meetings: There are 5 public meetings during the school year with the first one on Sept 27, 2023 at 4:30 PM (in person and with option to watch online). Exact dates and times and zoom links will be shared in the weekly e-blast and meeting summaries will be posted on the Dealey PTA website –
  • Join a Subcommittee: Choose a subcommittee listed below and email the chair to participate. Subcommittees generally meet 3 to 5 times per year via zoom or in person. More information on what specific topics each of the subcommittees will be covering is on the SBDM section of the PTA website –
Subcommittee Chair
Evaluation and Oversight Majaliwa Bass –
Campus Safety and Security Errin Martin –
Academics & Well-being (Middle School) Russell Young –
Academics & Well-being (Elementary) Stephanie Garner –
Teacher & Staff Well-being & Retention Bridgett Neely –


Get involved and make a difference at Dealey today!


Bridgett Neely, SBDM Chair

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